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NRG Immigration LLP is a boutique law firm headquartered in Toronto Canada, specializing in all aspects of Canadian Immigration Law.   We offer a variety of immigration services ranging from applications to court representation in order to best facilitate your global mobility needs. 

Whether you are living abroad and are looking for work or study opportunities in Canada, or are a newcomer looking to stablish permanent roots our firm can help you to achieve your goals.  Our firm offers a staff of expert professionals, with depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to serve our clients. 

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Temporary Residence

Planning on visiting Canada as a tourist? Have family members who want to visit you here? Want to study in a Canadian college or university? Are you currently in

Permanent Residence

Want to assess your chances to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry? Sponsoring a spouse or a parent to come to Canada? On a yearly basis, Canada welcomes thousands


Have you applied to immigrate into Canada and were found inadmissible? Did you receive a deportation/removal order? Do you want to understand why you were found inadmissible? One of

Hearings and Court

Do you have a hearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)? Can you appeal your matter or request a Judicial Review if your application was denied? Our lawyers


Ready to become a Canadian citizen? Not sure if you satisfy all the strict legal requirements? If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you may be eligible to

Additional services

Document Commissioning and Notarizing Verification of Status applications Travel Document applications Letters of Invitation Authorization to Return

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